Concord Downloads

To access and use these downloadable products, you must have an active Concord Fax Online or FaxPro account.

Print2Fax Driver

WORKS WITH: Concord Fax Online and FaxRX

Concord provides a Print2fax driver designed for use with Concord Fax Online. This utility allows one-click faxing from any windows application that support a print function.

Concord Print2Fax installs as a software application and appears like any printer, so customers can fax directly from any Windows application to any fax number worldwide as easily as printing. If you are upgrading from Print-to-Fax V1.0 please reference the documentation link below before upgrading.

Microsoft Office Plug-in

WORKS WITH: Concord Fax Online, FaxRX, and FaxPro

Users can send faxes from directly within any Microsoft Office application by using this Office plug-in to enable the “Send to/Internet Fax” feature native to Microsoft Office.

Faxes can be sent from any Microsoft Office application using this convenient menu function.


WORKS WITH: Concord Fax Online and FaxRX

FaxAssist is a simple-to-use tool that facilitates seamless integration with internal applications and systems to initiate internal workflows, document extraction, and OCR processes or embed documents into custom applications.

FaxAssist is a Windows utility that routes selected incoming fax communications to printers (for automatic printing) or to specific folder(s) or document management systems for storing.


WORKS WITH: Concord Fax Online and FaxRX

Concord FolderFax is a Windows service that automatically delivers ERP and legacy documents via our Concord IP Fax Network.

FolderFax monitors one or multiple folders for new files and transfers them securely to the Concord network. This provides for a simple way to fax enable an application that can write output to disk or a network share.

Cover Page Template


WORKS WITH: Concord Fax Online and FaxRX

Fax Online Users may elect to include cover pages with their outbound fax transmissions. These cover pages may be generic cover pages (created by Concord) or customized cover pages, created in Microsoft Word by the Fax Online User, and uploaded by the User to the User’s account through the Concord Web Portal.

Download our Microsoft Word Template to create your own custom cover page.