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Secure Online Fax for Healthcare and Other Highly Regulated Industries

Simple, secure, and designed for enterprise-grade volumes: Concord Cloud Fax is transforming the way that large organizations handle their fax transmissions. For sensitive, business-critical fax jobs, Concord ensures security, efficiency, compliance, and your documents delivered, every time.

Concord Cloud Fax Capabilities

Fax from EHR

Integrations with Epic, Cerner and a whole host of other platforms make it possible to send and receive faxes from directly within your EHR. No more retrieving, printing or scanning—just a seamless flow of information to and from your EHR

Compliant Cloud Faxing

Concord Cloud Fax was built specifically for large, compliance-bound organizations that consist of many moving parts. We provide Cloud Fax that’s HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 audited and highly secure, so even the largest, most tightly-regulated organizations will have peace of mind.

High Volume Faxing

There are over 150,000 Concord Cloud Fax users today, and many of them fax thousands or millions of pages per month. Our network is designed for organizations that send and receive large volumes of time-sensitive faxes constantly.

World Class Deliverability

Concord’s high-availability, dual-datacenter, 4x redundant active-active network means faxes continue to be delivered in the event of a carrier or infrastructure issue. Concord Cloud Fax has one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry, making us ideally suited for organizations that rely on the timely exchange of information.

Expert Support

Concord’s Cloud Fax support team is second to none; our live, US-based Premium Support connects end-users with highly experienced analysts quickly. Developers and integrators can also contact Concord Developer Support at no cost. With a support team that cares, it’s no wonder Concord retains 97% of its customers year-to-year.

Rich Suite of APIs

Want to integrate our Cloud Fax capabilities with your existing software? No problem. We offer a vast suite of existing APIs, and will also support your development efforts in crafting a new integration with our service.

NEXTSTEP: Advanced Fax Automation – so much more than fax delivery

Integrate data within faxes with the processes and applications that run your business. 

  • Online access to faxes and other documents
  • Intelligent document classification and data extraction
  • Automated fax routing and processing
  • Document collaboration tools for teams
  • Monitoring and reporting tools

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Want to integrate Concord Cloud Fax with your EHR?

Who Uses Concord Cloud Fax?

Fax for Large Healthcare

Concord Cloud Fax is ideal for healthcare payers and providers that fax in high volumes. When the rapid receipt of documents is critical, losing even minutes to a slow fax transmission impacts business. But when the need to send and receive documents quickly is met with strict compliance standards, large healthcare organizations may be caught between the need for security and the need for efficiency. With Concord, there’s no need to choose.

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Superior up-time and deliverability rates
  • Integrated with Epic, Cerner and other EHRs
  • Cloud fax using email, MFP, fax machine
  • Secure network infrastructure
  • Delivery confirmation receipts for each fax sent

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Fax for Large Enterprises

Traditional faxing at a high volume is often time-consuming and expensive, and yet it continues to be one of the most secure methods of document exchange. For enterprise-grade organizations, maximizing process efficiency is crucial—this is why the largest organizations in industries like finance, manufacturing, education and more turn to Concord Cloud Fax. Replacing traditional fax servers with Concord Cloud Fax simplifies business.

  • No on-premise fax servers to manage
  • HIPAA compliant and SOC2 audited
  • Superior up-time and deliverability rates
  • Cloud fax using email, MFP, fax machine
  • Secure network infrastructure
  • Delivery confirmation receipts for each fax sent

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API Development and Integration

Integrate Concord Cloud Fax with the systems you use every day: Concord Cloud Fax enables users to send and receive high volumes of faxes from within EMR systems like Epic and Cerner, and our large suite of APIs further extends integration capabilities. Our developer support will assist your team in integrating Concord Cloud Fax with the systems you use every day, whether you need to be able to send and receive faxes from a large CRM, like Salesforce, or from smaller, internally developed systems. Building Concord Cloud Fax into the systems you already use enables your team to get more done, more simply.

  • Robust suite of APIs available
  • Expert developer support team
  • Build compliant fax directly into your systems
  • Rely on the secure Concord Network
  • Customize your integration with Concord’s help

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