The Cloud Fax Specialists

Our Customers

We work hard to exceed the expectations of every single customer by delivering a service that’s simple, fast and reliable. When something does happen, we move quickly to get the right people solving the problem. It’s this commitment that’s earned us a 97% annual customer retention rate.

Our Employees

We know that building a deep base of knowledge and experience in our team means creating a positive and rewarding work environment for everyone who works at Concord. We’ve focused heavily in this area for a long time and are lucky to boast an average employee tenure of more than 10 years.

Our Technology

We understand that our customers depend on Concord to execute vital transactions every single day. That’s why we continue to focus all our efforts on delivering a service that is fast, reliable and simple for everyone to use.

Our Story

With over eighteen years in the business, our company has established itself as one of the leading providers of online fax solutions. Started as a spinoff of Delrina (WinFax Pro) in 1996, Concord was one of the first companies making technological advancements in Cloud Fax services. From the beginning, we had a clear vision to build a company with a focus on reliability, development, and outstanding people.

In its early years, Concord focused on the delivery of internet-based fax and messaging solutions for small business. In the mid-2000s we decided to reconfigure its business after we recognized an emerging need for enterprise-grade reliability and integration capabilities for large businesses who were making the transition from on-premise fax servers to a cloud-based solution. To serve these highly regulated businesses, we decided to re-architect our network to provide the highest available standard of reliability and security. Knowing that any outages or network issues could result in significant losses to our customers, we committed to building a network with 2-layers of redundancy in an active-active architecture, between dual data centers. This has resulted in an industry leading uptime index.

We have always invested heavily in creating a positive and rewarding work environment for our employees. We are able to boast average employee tenure of more than 10 years – an exceptional result in a rapidly moving high-tech industry! This retention rate results in a deep base of knowledge and experience and a deep commitment to doing whatever we can to delight our customers. Our customers reward that effort and commitment by continuing to trust Concord year after year with their most critical documents. Our annual customer retention rate is 97% while a more typical result in this industry would be 70 – 75%.