MFP Faxing

Send and receive faxes from your multi-function print device

Fax with your Multi Function Print (MFP) Device

Using your existing MFP infrastructure with Concord Cloud Fax will swiftly provide your business with multiple fax points without the need for expensive fax cards, fax software or proprietary connectors.

Concord MFP Faxing Quick Facts

Fact #1

You can use Concord Cloud Fax on your MFP devices

Fact #2

Setting up faxing on the MFP device takes just a few minutes.

Fact #3

You have multiple options for account access security.

Fact #4

Fax notifications can be printed by the MFP or forwarded by email.

Fact #6

You do not need an analog or digital phone line for your MFP – just web connectivity.

Fact #5

Concord includes both HIPAA-compliant and standard coversheets

Fact #7

There are no expensive connectors, converters or adapters to purchase

Fact #8

You can switch MFP vendors and still use Concord Cloud Fax

Concord Fax Online is the most comprehensive fax solution we’ve utilized with high availability and exceptional customer service. Our decision to switch from our previous fax service provider to Concord proved to be a logical business move.

Roma Allen
IT Manager

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