The Cloud Fax Reference Guide

Everything you need to scope your next project, and efficiently evaluate online fax platforms.

50+ Pages

Detailed information for IT Teams, Project Managers and Business Analysts.

230+ Fax Requirements

Build your own RFP. RFI and project documentation.

Excel Version

The easiest way to customize your fax requirements.

Finding a Secure Online Fax Service Starts with Assessing Your Requirements

When you’re considering options for a secure online fax provider for your business, the best way to start is by compiling a list of fax platform requirements. Depending on your organization’s fax transmissions, you may have a wide range of online fax service needs. If your business is concerned with meeting strict security standards, then your internet fax provider will need to be able to meet the same standards. Before you start to seriously scope a secure internet fax provider, assess your organization’s needs: Once you’ve determined the specific fax requirements your business, it will be easier to determine which fax providers will be viable. To help you realize, organize and prioritize your business’s needs, our team at Concord has developed the Cloud Fax Cookbook, which can be your guide to finding the right secure fax provider. With over 50 pages of well-organized info and guidelines, your business will be able to simply use the Cookbook to generate RFPs, RFIs and project documentation. Finding a secure online fax service can be daunting, especially if your organization has a long list of needs; use the Concord Cloud Fax Cookbook to make the search simpler.

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