Built for healthcare and other highly regulated industries

Cloud Workflow is designed for environments where policies, compliance and regulations directly shape day-to-day business operations.

Healthcare, insurance, financial services and lending firms all benefit from managing document processes within Cloud Workflow’s secure, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and SOC 2 compliant cloud environment.

Cloud Workflow can be set up in minutes and immediately improve team visibility into shared queues of documents and optimize time-sensitive routing and responses.

Reduce the time to action

Increase process visibility


Track team performance


Audit every step in the process

Cloud Workflow Highlights

Automatically route inbound documents to the right teams

Track documents at every stage of the process

Digitally sign electronic documents

Rapidly identify problem and priority items

Protect confidential and sensitive information

Seamlessly support scanned, faxed, emailed documents

How does Cloud Workflow work? 

The Basics

Cloud Workflow makes it very simple to create, operate and track highly visible, document-driven processes.

Each process is represented as a “shared document queue”. Document queues provide team-level transparency.

Each step in the process is represented as a folder.


You can view documents at both the Shared Queue and Folder level.


Document Routing

As members of the team complete their own work, they are able to send documents to another step in the process or another process, entirely.

Cloud Workflow: A powerful suite of online document tools


Digitally sign and time-stamp documents using your username and password.


Digitally complete form documents without printing them.


Forward documents to other users for their attention.


Move documents to shared queues or your own folders.


Call-out areas of a document for others to review.

Redact and Erase

Black-out confidential and sensitive information.

Scan and Import

Bring documents in via Fax, Scanner, Drop Folder or MFP Device.


Send documents to external recipients via fax and email.


Track every document interaction.


Store documents in a secure, long term storage system.


Categorize  documents using your own classification scheme.

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Scanning and Document Import

Documents can be imported directly into document queues via Cloud Workflow Scanning and Document Import. 


Scanning application for TWAIN supported scanners. No tools or plugins to download.


Folder Drop

Drop images into a folder and Cloud Workflow will automatically import them into the right document queue.


MFP Devices

Scan from your Multi-Function Print Device without needed a proprietary connector.


Document Tracking

Cloud Workflow captures the WHO, WHEN and WHAT of every document interaction.

WHO accessed the document

WHEN they accessed the document

WHAT they did with the document



Each interaction is recorded in the time line providing an unbroken record of document custody. The Document Timeline is an invaluable tool for maintaining process transparency and quickly pint-pointing quality or efficiency challenges.

Digital Signatures

Cloud Workflow Digital Signatures allow users to securely sign and digitally lock critical documents.

Auto-generated signature

Image rendition of signature

Users sign and time-stamp documents using their Cloud Workflow account credentials.

Documents can also  be locked, preventing unauthorized changes from occurring after the signature has been applied. Cloud Workflow’s Digital Signatures is a simple yet highly secure solution for permanently tracking document authorizations.

Document  Tagging

Tags provide a flexible way to identify and categorize documents.

Unlike traditional keywords, tags are less limited in their implementation and can be used to describe almost anything.

Many firms use tags to describe:

  • Status (e.g. new, pending, in-progress, complete, exception…)
  • Source (where the document came from)
  • Priority (standard, urgent, critical etc…)

New tags can be implemented at any time without relying an I.T. Administrator to set them up in the system.

Digital Form Completion and Document Highlighting

Highlights and Annotations allow users to quickly call out specific sections of a document or add comments, notes and explanations.


Watermarking ensures the source, owner or status of a document is clearly visible on specific pages of a document.

Cloud Workflow Watermarks are customizable and can be added to a single page, a range of pages or every page in the document.

Redact and Erase

Cloud Workflow Redaction and Erase protect information by enabling users to black-out or remove areas of a document.

ExampleHealth care providers are required to redact mental health information when a patient’s medical records are requested as psychotherapy notes cannot be disclosed without explicit authorization.

Document Delivery

Documents can be delivered to any fax or email recipient directly from Cloud Workflow’s Dashboard or Document Viewer.

Document Archiving

Audits, legal discovery and internal reviews mean that documents often need to be accessed long after a process is completed.

Cloud Workflow archives all your documents using secure, HIPAA compliant storage. Archived documents are as quick and easy to locate as active documents. Each document archived with Cloud Workflow is also stored in more than one data center, providing teams with secure, business-critical redundancy.

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