Free your IT team from fax

Concord Cloud Fax

IT teams no longer need to manage fax. Our customers are replacing their fax servers and fax telephony with Concord’s Cloud-fax service which offers users a better user experience with no infrastructure to manage.

Concord Fax makes working with faxes as easy as using email or clicking a button inside the business applications you use everyday.

Find The Right Concord Fax For You

Healthcare Fax

HIPAA compliant fax service with advanced integration for health systems.

Enterprise Fax

PCI-DSS certified online fax solution for high volume document delivery.

Integrated Fax

Direct fax integration into your applications and workflows.

Small Business Fax

Email-to-Fax and Fax-to-Email for teams, small business and the home office.

Faxing with Concord Cloud Fax

Email to Fax

Securely send and receive faxes using any device you use to send and receive emails. No apps, clients or connectors to download.

Print to Fax

Fax directly from any Microsoft Windows application.


Fax directly from your MFP (multi function print) device without the need for additional software or expensive connectors.

Integrated Fax

Use Concord’s point-and-click tools to automate interactions between systems or embed fax right into your application using Concord’s API Suite.

Why Concord Technologies? 

Secure & Compliant

Concord meets, and in many cases exceeds compliance standards for HIPAA, PCI and other regulations. Talk to us about our HIPAA BAA or SOC-2 SSAE audit.

Enterprise Class Network

Concord’s high availability, dual datacenter, 4x redundant active-active network means your faxes continue to be delivered in the event of a carrier or infrastructure issue.

Expert Support

Concord’s live, US-based Premium Support connects end-users with highly experienced analysts quickly. Developers and integrators can also contact Concord Developer Support at no cost.

Download Concord's Fax Network Architecture White Paper