Electronic Fax for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office

Sending and receiving faxes with Microsoft Office has never been easier.


Whether you are using Microsoft Office installed directly on your computer or accessing Office 365 through a browser, Concord’s cloud fax service is secure and simple-to-use.


Email to Fax

Concord’s email-to-fax service is the simplest way to send and receive faxes. Attach your fax to an email and send it to faxnumber@concordsend.com or faxnumber@yourdomain.com.

The Concord fax service verifies you are an authorized fax user and then securely transmits the fax to its destination.

Fax to Email

Set up your own fax number and as soon someone sends you a document, Concord will deliver it directly to your email inbox.

Unlike traditional fax machines, your fax number is not limited to the area code you are in. You can pick from almost any area code in the US or even select a toll-free number.


“Fax is a frequent topic for many of our customers and Microsoft is excited to be working with Concord as a fax partner to address those needs both hosted and on-premise.”

Ian Hameroff

Group Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Fax Active Directory Support

Manage users directly in Active Directory using Microsoft Management Console or other Active Directory management tools. Additionally, the Concord Web Portal allows you to customize group settings and generate extensive usage reports.

Reliability and Security

Concord’s dual Data Centers and unlimited capacity has lead Microsoft to utilize Concord Fax as the default fax service for all Microsoft Hosted Exchange customers worldwide.

In addition to reliability, Concord’s network meets rigorous security standards and is HIPAA compliant and PCI DSS Certified.

Build Your Cloud Fax Estimate

Create your own Concord Cloud Fax plan and get detailed costs based on your page volume, users and inbound numbers.