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Concord’s network is moving tens of millions of documents every month for customers like Microsoft, Western Union, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Nissan and the U.S. Army. Smaller businesses are also turning to our online service for cost-effective faxing from desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. 

Partner with Concord and get access to the services, tools and support you need to resell or integrate with one of the fastest cloud fax services in the industry.



Partner with Concord and Select your Route to Market.


Resell Concord

Our Service – Your Brand. 

Concord has created a tiered model where you can offer private-labelled fax services to your customers, including fully branded portals and utilities. All Concord branding disappears and your customers will never know they are our using our platform.

Integrate & Refer

Fax Enable your Application

We have made it very easy to fax enable your own applications with  Concord Fax. This is an ideal way to increase your product’s value while also increasing customer retention.  Customers who need fax are referred by you to us. Once the contract is in place, we pay you the referral fee.

Integrate & Wholesale

Generate Revenue from Fax Traffic

Concord’s Wholesale program bill’s you at wholesale rates for total traffic across all your accounts. By participating in the program, you will be able to implement your own pricing models and margins for customers faxing through your application.


FOUR Great Reasons to become a Concord Service Provider


We are trusted by the best in the business.

Concord has more than 17 years experience in partner enablement. Today, our Service Provider Partners are managing some of the largest enterprise fax accounts in North America. We have earned their trust by working closely with them and consistently delivering a service which their customers can rely on for mission critical transactions.


Your brand comes first, every time.

We understand the equity your business has already built with your customers. This is why we provide more opportunities than almost any other online fax provider for you to rebrand our service in your name. Whether your users are sending & receiving faxes, using the Concord Web Portal or accessing documentation, they never see Concord’s brand, unless you have specifically requested it.


We will get you to market quickly.

Regardless of which route to market you take, you will have the tools and support you need to swiftly create, launch and grow your fax business. Access to a dedicated Account Manager along with Concord’s Administration, Management and Development portals are standard for Concord Service Provider partners.


Complimentary access to Development Support.

Concord Service Providers not only get access to a dedicated Account Manager, they also get access to our Services team. The Concord Services team will step in to help overcome any integration issues you run into without asking for a statement of work or paid development support plan.


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