Our switch to using Concord Fax Online was a very positive change in our business. We send and receive many company reports and PCI-compliant documents. Concord has now made faxing very easy for our employees.
Johnny Rivera

Telecom Manager, Western Union

Concord Fax is saving us 60% over our previous process, and from an IT perspective, it’s really easy to support.
Lorraine Spencer

IT Manager, John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Implementing Concord Cloud Fax was fast and painless.
Literally, a no-brainer.

People’s Trust Homeowners Insurance

We’ve come to depend on things like email, internet, faxing and telephony, and when it’s a multi-billion dollar business, they have to be up and running.
Christopher McCrae

Chief Information Officer, Gristedes Supermarkets

It’s been a pleasure working with Concord. They are quite honestly the best thing I’ve ever seen, as far as fax solutions. Their support is very personable and there have been no implementation problems.
Jim Schwantes

IT Manager, Perez Trading

Concord Fax Online eliminated the costs associated with an in-house solution and they were also able to make a specialized adjustment that catered to our business needs. Their system was easy to deploy and it was up and running instantly.
Glenys Botelho

Analyst, Princess House

Fax is a frequent topic for many of our customers and Microsoft is excited to be working with Concord as a fax partner to address those needs both hosted and on-premise.
Ian Hameroff

Group Product Manager - Exchange Partner Marketing, Microsoft

Concord Fax Online is fast, easy and reliable. It’s by far the best fax solution we’ve ever come across, a practical business investment.
Tim Dasch

CIO, Cooper & Scully, P.C

Concord Fax Online is the most comprehensive fax solution we’ve utilized with high availability and exceptional customer service. Our decision to switch from our previous fax service provider to Concord proved to be a logical business move.
Roma Allen

IT Manager, Ballard Spahr LLP

Please allow me to express my appreciation for the outstanding fax capability and HIPAA compliant service you have provided to me.  ConcordFax made my multi-location solo practice much more efficient and capable.  You guys are the best!
Joseph Nesheiwat

MD, The Baton Rouge Clinic, AMC

Concord Fax has been exemplary as usual – that’s why you never hear from us!
Woody Sturges

CareReady Solutions

Concord Fax has become an integral part of our workflow. It integrates nicely with our other systems making for a seamless workflow.
Bill Mangot

MarJam Supply

With Concord, all of the upgrades are included, all of the maintenance is included, and you no longer have to support all of the effort that it would take to maintain an in-house system.
Tony Varano

Vice President of IT, Applicant Insight

Though the product is excellent, I feel that it is the people at Concord that make the business successful. They have delivered beyond our expectations. I wish I had known about Concord Fax sooner because it would have made my life, and everyone’s life, much easier.
David White

IT Manager, Meridian Laboratory

Now, we no longer have busy signals.

I had so many problems before with complaints from employees and medical providers. Now, when you send a fax to my law firm everybody gets through.

Rick Gunther

CFO, Rainwater, Holt, and Sexton

We have been a Concord customer for a year and a half and 100% uptime is what our experience has been.
Robert Castaneda

SVP and CIO, Centaurus Financial Inc

The ease of use of the product made this the easiest migration or upgrade that I have seen.
Jeremy DeHart

IT Manager, Hedrick, Gardner, Kincheloe & Garofalo, LLP

We use the API to directly hook into Concord Fax through our Sage CRM System. Overall Concord has been fantastic from the sales and discovery part of this project all the way to the support we are receiving.
Chris Thoms

Systems Technologist, Blue Book Services