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Online Fax Integration Made Simple

Cloud Fax Integration for Developers:
The Tools You Need

Concord Cloud Fax Integration

Online fax integration with your existing healthcare software is made simple with Concord. We offer ready-to-go utilities and a comprehensive Web Services API for cloud fax integration. You can opt for internet fax integration in which your users maintain a Concord Cloud Fax account, or you can choose a seamless fax integration under your own brand and re-bill your own business model.

Fax APIs, Code, and Expert Support

Thanks to our years of online fax integration experience, we provide extensive documentation and offer many different cloud fax APIs, sample code and best practice guidance directly to your developers via our portal. Additionally, Concord Cloud Fax Professional Services are available to assist you with your custom online fax integrations.

Integration for Your Team

Concord offers an extensive selection of online fax integration APIs to make it simple to send high volumes of documents from your own applications. Submit a fax and use your own unique job IDs (or ours) to retrieve live job status information, or configure a web service and we’ll push the status information back to you in near real-time. Cloud fax integration has never been easier thanks to the sample code we provide for common functions in C++, .NET, Java, Perl and PHP to automate fax sending, broadcasting, collecting status information, tracking billing information and much more.

Integration for Your Clients

Integrate received faxes directly into your applications so that you can present your users with their fax images within your own User Interface. When online faxes are received, the data regarding that fax is available with the new fax image, and we’ll deliver the images high-res TIF (in single page or multi-page format) or PDF, including searchable PDFs. You’ll find plenty of documentation and best practice guidance for how to achieve your objective along with a wide variety of powerful commands and controls to realize your project.

Other Simple Ways to Integrate


FaxAssist is a popular method of online fax integration that uses our simple Windows utility to automate tasks associated with inbound faxes. With FaxAssist, you can direct incoming faxes to be automatically printed, and/or be automatically saved to a network folder. FaxAssist makes it simple to automate the task of getting faxes into internal workflow systems or document management systems.


Another simple cloud fax integration tool is Concord’s FolderFax, which automatically sends documents that are dropped into a network folder. Address information and notification commands for your outbound faxes can either be included in the filename or can be included in a separate XML document.

Account management, billing & reporting

Concord’s Cloud Fax APIs include a complete inventory of API calls to support the automation of any account provisioning, billing, or traffic reporting task that you can imagine. With APIs this powerful, it’s simple to integrate your applications with Concord Fax, utilizing us for the core job of sending and receiving. Contact us for further information, extensive documentation, and sample code to see everything that’s possible.

Concord Compliance White Paper

Everything you need to know about managing fax within HIPAA and PCI-DSS regulated environments.