Start sending and receiving faxes from the EHR interface you use every day.

Send faxes directly from your EHR using Concord Cloud Fax. Our secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based fax service provides the capabilities users need—without the fax hardware and telephony.

Over 150,000 users rely on Concord Cloud Fax to exchange vital patient and transaction information via our secure platform. Join us today.

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Fax Within Your EMR

Secure & Compliant Faxes

Zero-Footprint Fax Solution

How Does Concord Cloud Fax Work Inside Your EHR?

The entire inbound or outbound process happens within seconds. This way EHR users enjoy an easy solution that is quick, reliable, and completely secure. The integration with Concord Cloud Fax enables EHR users to send faxes directly from within their in-use EHR – minimizing disruption to existing fax workflows.


  • A fax is sent by another department or medical provider to the inbound line
  • The fax is received into Concord’s Cloud Fax service
  • Once the fax arrives in our network, the information is encrypted and sent to the EMR system
  • The information is received by the EMR system
  • Received information is processed by user


  • The outbound fax is sent through the EMR’s application server
  • From the application server, it is sent to the EMR’s print services
  • The print service sends the fax through an encrypted connection to Concord Cloud Fax
  • Concord Cloud Fax then continues to send the fax to its end destination

Data Integrity and Security are a BIG Deal to Us

HIPAA Compliant Fax

Concord Cloud Fax enforces fax practices and settings that are always HIPAA compliant, making it an ideal online fax solution for healthcare providers. Our users take HIPAA compliance seriously, so we do too: We’re always ready to sign a BAA.

SSAE 16 SOC 2 Audited

Concord has successfully undergone the SSAE 16 audit. SSAE 16 security standards apply to the security of a network, and also the full business process to ensure that all information is handled with the highest level of privacy and security available.


Secure at Every Stage

Concord Cloud Fax also supports your high-security needs: Our communications are fully encrypted over TLS or via Secure HTTP. With the Concord platform, users can set an image retention policy that automatically removes all images, dramatically simplifying security.

Zero-Footprint Faxing: No Maintenance and Lower Costs

When you utilize a cloud-based fax provider, you’ll never need to:




  Expand Infrastructure

Customers can achieve a zero-footprint solution that allows for dynamic scalability to comply with regulations or sudden changes in traffic demands – all without requiring customer intervention. We handle all the maintenance of the infrastructure to ensure service is always available, with no delays.