HIPAA Compliant Cloud Fax

Fax Service for Healthcare Providers

Hospitals & Clinics are moving to Concord for HIPAA compliant fax

Concord’s HIPAA compliant cloud fax service was specifically designed with the needs of healthcare in mind. Today, more and more healthcare providers are moving away from traditional faxing and opting instead for online fax services, and thousands of those organizations choose Concord. With a fax network that’s always secure, compliant and reliable, it’s no wonder that organizations like Johns Hopkins Medicine depend on Concord every day for HIPAA compliant cloud fax services.

Concord Compliance White Paper

Everything you need to know about managing fax within HIPAA and PCI-DSS regulated environments.

Electronic Health Records

Integrate secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud fax services into your EHR solution to streamline the process of sending referral letters, patient records, physician orders, prescriptions, and reports. Incoming records, reports, and referrals are also available for import directly into your system for attachment into patient records or routing according to designated workflow rules.

Practice Management

Embed fax into your Practice Management application to send supporting claims documentation and reports or to request additional information in support of the claim. Integration of secure cloud fax within PM systems ensures that transmitted data is protected and all data is properly captured and available within the patient and financial records.

Revenue Cycle Management

Utilize Cloud fax within your Revenue Cycle Management application to respond to denied claims requesting additional documentation in support of the claim. Direct integration of fax within RCM systems enables immediate, traceable, and secure communication to facilitate the quickest resolution of denied claims.

Concord Cloud Fax Technology: How it Works for Healthcare

HIPAA Compliant Fax

HIPAA compliance is at the core of Concord’s Cloud Fax architecture: We’ll never shy away from a BAA, and we’re happy to discuss the work that goes into always being 100% PCI and HIPAA compliant. We securely transmit tens of millions of protected medical documents every month; and more often than not, we don’t just meet HIPAA standards for those fax transmissions, we exceed them.



#1 Rate of Fax Deliverability


Concord’s patented SureConnect technology ensures fax pages are delivered reliably every time. It also means we can boast the highest online fax page completion rate in the industry; for healthcare providers, this guarantees the peace of mind that protected medical documents will always be transmitted securely and successfully.



Effortless Fax Migration

The Concord Services Team has migrated countless healthcare organizations from their fax servers, fax machines or other online fax providers over to our cloud fax network. When your organization moves to Concord, we make it simple for you to keep your existing fax numbers, or get new ones if you prefer. The transition to the Concord Cloud Fax network is smooth, simple and will never impact your business operations.

Total Fax Number Flexibility

Moving to Concord doesn’t mean giving up your existing your existing fax numbers. You can bring your numbers with you or get brand new numbers from us.

Concord Cloud Fax Protects Patient Health Information

Receiving faxes with Concord:
A traditional fax machine simply prints documents as they are received, meaning a document will most likely land in a shared fax tray where anyone can access it. For healthcare organizations, protecting PHI is a priority, which is why healthcare providers prefer receiving faxes with Concord’s HIPAA compliant fax service rather than traditional fax machines: With Concord, faxes are delivered directly into the recipient’s email inbox, rather than a shared location. From there, the recipient can choose whether or not to print the document. Recipients using the Concord Cloud Fax network can view and interact with their faxes from any device that can access email, including via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Say goodbye to the days of lingering near the fax machine and waiting for critical papers to arrive: Concord delivers your faxes directly and securely to your inbox, making HIPAA compliance and patient privacy simpler to achieve than ever before.

Sending faxes with Concord:
Concord Cloud Fax users never have to worry about the security of faxed PHI being compromised; faxes will always be transmitted over a fully encrypted connection with Concord TLS and secure HTTPS. Secure online faxing combines the inherent network security of our fax service, with the convenience of sending an email. Users are able to utilize their own personal coversheets, and the appropriate PHI confidentiality and disclosure conditions for your organization are easily included with each fax that’s sent. Once delivered, each fax is automatically erased from our servers, and only the metadata is maintained for your records. For healthcare providers concerned with HIPAA compliant faxing, sending faxes with Concord makes the process easier.

Concord’s Network Architecture

Learn how Concord’s Active-Active Network protects your documents and scales for your peak traffic.

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Create your own Concord Cloud Fax plan and get detailed costs based on your page volume, users and inbound numbers.