Cloud Workflow for Enterprises

Secure, Compliant Cloud Workflow for Enterprises and Large Organizations

A Better Way to Manage your Organization’s Document Processes

Developed to help enterprises and large healthcare organizations effectively route and manage documents, Concord Cloud Workflow transforms hit-and-miss manual processes into operations that are more efficient and simpler to keep track of.

As a 100% online workflow service, Concord Cloud Workflow allows organizations to bypass lengthy or costly implementation processes and installations. What does this mean for your business? It means spending less time on planning and implementation, and more time on the work that’s important to your organization.

Maintain visibility and manage documents regardless of where they originated

Ensure document security during every step in the process

Centralize the management of inbound process documents

Eliminate unnecessary printing, copying and duplicating of information

100% HIPAA Compliant

Why Do Enterprises Need a Cloud Workflow Solution?

The Environment

Organizations use multiple systems and applications to manage documents that come from different sources.

The Problem

Teams end up needing to create workarounds to manage documents that have different origins.

The Impact

Ad-hoc document processes are slower, less efficient, prone-to-error and rarely transparent to other members of the organization.

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The Solution: Concord Cloud Workflow for Enterprises

The easy-to-use, online platform for managing fax and document-driven business processes.


Regain control over your documents

Enable users to process inbound faxes, scanned and emailed documents in a single environment.

Built for large teams and departments

Implement Cloud Workflow for individual teams or across multiple departments, no matter where they are located.

Track every interaction for compliance

Use document timeline tracking to maintain transparency within the process and quickly pinpoint potential problems.

Shared Document Queues

Use Shared Document Queues to distribute inbound faxes, scanned documents and email attachments for teams to view and interact with.

Customizable Personal Folders

Once a  document is selected from a Shared Queue, users can move the document to their Personal Cloud Workflow Folders to work on.

Easy Process Set Up

Creating workflows is as simple as creating folders. Use a folder for each step in the process, then designate who is able to work inside that folder.

Learn more about routing documents.

Complete Document Tool Set

Cloud Workflow is 100% cloud-based with nothing to download. Open and interact with documents within your browser: Users can highlight, stamp, redact, comment and fill-out documents.

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Detailed Tracking

Bring full transparency to your processes using Cloud Workflow’s Document Timeline. Every time a user accesses a document, the timeline captures specifics like who accessed it, when and what they did with it.

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Secure Online Archiving

Store documents indefinitely* on Cloud Workflow’s secure Active-Active platform. We will even help you migrate your document to another system in the future.

*Required active Cloud Workflow account. 


Every document you send, process and receive with the Concord Cloud Network is encrypted while stored and during transmission.

Digital Signatures

Securely sign and lock documents from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Learn more about Digital Signatures.

Integration Friendly

Concord Cloud Workflow has the ability to integrate with the systems and applications you already use in your business.

Find out if your platform is supported

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Concord Cloud Workflow for enterprises and large organizations can be fully customized to fit your business needs. Wherever you receive documents from—fax, email, scan or elsewhere—Cloud Workflow easily manages the way these documents move through any process. Edit, annotate and share these documents between individuals, teams or whole departments based on the permissions designated by your administrators. Concord Cloud Workflow is changing the way large businesses and healthcare organizations do business each day.

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