Cloud Fax for Enterprises

Integrated, reliable and secure fax for businesses 

Enterprises choose Concord Cloud Fax

Say good-bye to unreliable fax machines and servers that bog down your business: Concord Cloud Fax customers are easily able to part with their fax servers and fax telephony in favor of our online fax service. By providing a faster, simpler user experience with no infrastructure to manage, Concord makes sending and receiving faxes as easy as using email. And with our fax integration capabilities, enterprises can also choose to fax from within the business applications they use every day.

For enterprises with compliance standards to meet, Concord Cloud Fax’s secure network is ideal: We offer a fully PCI and HIPAA compliant online fax solution that is specifically designed for highly regulated industries. Concord’s cloud fax network is so secure, organizations like Microsoft, Western Union, Johns Hopkins Medicine and The US Army use Concord to exchange tens of millions of sensitive and confidential documents every month.

Looking for a place to start?

Everything you need to effectively build a detailed set of requirements for your fax project.

We use the API to directly hook into Concord Fax through our Sage CRM System. Overall Concord has been fantastic from the sales and discovery part of this project all the way to the support we are receiving.

Chris Thoms

Systems Technologist, Blue Book Services

Online faxing made simple

With Concord Cloud Fax, every fax you send or receive will be available in your email, and on any device you use for email. For large organizations, Concord Cloud Fax is especially appealing because it’s so simple to use: Members of your organization will easily learn how to use Concord, because it integrates with the tools and applications they already use every day.

Additionally, Concord Cloud Fax eliminates your IT team’s need to troubleshoot fax issues that might have existed previously. We take care of your customized cover sheets and handle retries to ensure your fax goes through. You can also choose to receive delivery notifications to your inbox for your records or proof-of-service. Reliable and secure online fax for businesses doesn’t need to be complicated; simplify with Concord Cloud Fax.


Online fax with self-service administration

Concord Cloud Fax can be as fully managed as you’d like; we’re always glad to take care of administration tasks on your behalf. However, for many businesses, the ability to handle administration in-house is incredibly convenient. With Concord Cloud Fax, your team will be able to take advantage of utilizing the Concord Web Portal, which provides a complete self-help interface for common admin tasks. Designate admins within your organization, and they can easily manage user accounts or multi-tiered departments, upload custom cover pages for departments or users, and access extensive reporting on fax transmissions.

For businesses operating within highly regulated industries, the reporting options available in the Portal are particularly useful: Thorough records and easy access to them allow auditors to verify that your faxing is HIPAA compliant or PCI compliant. Keeping track of online fax activity for your organization is easy with the Concord Web Portal.

Concord’s Technology at a Glance

PCI and HIPAA Compliant Fax

Concord’s security and privacy standards exceed most industry and government regulations.

Unparalleled Uptime

Concord’s advanced cloud fax network design features a dual-data center, fully active-active architecture which eliminates single points of failure so outages can be quickly isolated without ever affecting service for our customers.

#1 Call Completion Rate

Concord’s patented SureConnect technology ensures fax pages are delivered reliably every time and also means we can boast the highest online fax page completion rate in the industry.

Effortless Migration

Our Services Team has successfully transitioned enterprise organizations to Concord from fax servers, fax appliances and other online services without impacting their business operations.


Total Fax Number Flexibility

You can bring your fax numbers with you or get brand new numbers from us. Should you decide to select a different service in the future, your numbers will also go with you. 

Dedicated Expert Support

Our U.S. based support staff averages over 10 years of fax expertise. We monitor performance 24/7 and offer real-time customer support from 9 a.m. EST. until 9 p.m. EST.

Download Concord's Fax Network Architecture White Paper