Fax directly from EPIC

Start sending and receiving faxes from the Epic interface you use every day.

No Fax Machines

No Fax Servers

No Phone Lines

Cloud Fax for Epic

Send faxes directly from Epic using Concord Cloud Fax. Our secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based fax service provides the capabilities Epic users need without the fax hardware and telephones lines.

More than 150,000 users rely on Concord Cloud Fax to exchange vital patient and transaction information via our secure platform.

Find out how much you can save on secure, enterprise-grade fax by clicking on the orange button.

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Fax inside Epic
No need to switch to another screen or application.
Fax Securely
Concord Cloud Fax encrypts fax delivery.
Fax in Compliance
The Cloud Fax platform is SOC 2 compliant and exceeds HIPAA requirements.

Concord Technologies is part of the Epic App Orchard Program

How Does Concord Cloud Fax for Epic Work?

The integration with Concord Cloud Fax enables Epic customers to send faxes directly from the Epic application – minimizing disruption to existing fax workflows.  Fax requests are submitted to Concord via Epic Print Services (EPS) and, optionally, can pass Epic data fields as custom metadata for enhanced reporting.  The status of sent faxes is retrieved from Cloud fax by EPS and updated within the Epic application.

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Available in the Epic App Orchard

Concord Cloud Fax can be used with Epic 2017+. Simply set up an account, transfer your existing fax numbers, configure the Concord plug-in in Epic and you’re ready to go. Within minutes, you can start sending and receiving faxes from the Epic interface that you use every day.