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Concord client applications and tools.

Concord Cloud Fax

Cloud Fax Overview

Introduction to Concord’s Cloud Fax Service.


HIPAA, PCI-DSS and SOC-2 SSAE 16 Information.


Fax directly from your MFP (multi function print) device without the need for additional software or expensive connectors.


Overview of the Concord Fax Architecture.

Email to Fax

Securely send and receive faxes using any device you use to send and receieve emails. No apps, clients or connectors to download.

Fax For Microsoft Office

Fax inside Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365.

Application Integrations

Learn about Concord Fax’s application integration capabilities.

Print to Fax

Fax directly from any Microsoft Windows application.


Extract text from inbound fax images and delivers the recipients a variety of document formats including fully searchable PDF.

Concord Cloud Workflow

Cloud Workflow Overview

Introduction to the primary features of Concord’s Cloud Workflow Service.

Use Case: Release of Information

Overview of how Cloud Workflow accelerates the process of managing requests for patient medical records.

Use Case: Physician Signature Automation

Overview of how Cloud Workflow streamlines the process of completing and signing forms and documents.

Cloud Workflow for Healthcare

Workflow for providers, payers, pharmacies and other healthcare operations.

Use Case: Patient Intake / Referral Management

Overview of how Cloud Workflow can reduce the referral review and decision process.

Concord Cloud Capture

Cloud Capture Overview

Introduction to Concord’s Cloud Capture Service.

Advanced Capture

Ideal for selective text extraction.

How Cloud Capture Works

Overview of Cloud Capture’s key capabilities.

Capture for Developers

Implement Cloud Capture within your own applications and services.

Full Page Capture

Learn how Cloud Captures extracts complete page text.