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Secure and reliable patient health information exchange for payers and providers of all sizes.

Learn how Concord is changing how acute and long-term care providers exchange patient health information

Better Outcomes. Quicker Operations.

Concord gives you one place to send, receive, organize and collaborate-on patient documents. 


Cloud Fax

Securely send and receive hundreds or millions of documents from your email, desktop or EHR. 


Retrieve vital patient information the second your documents arrive. 


Identify and sort documents automatically without having to view them.


Share and track documents through every stage of your process

Why Choose Concord Technologies?

World Class Reliability

Our high-availability, 4x redundant active-active network makes Concord ideally suited for organizations that rely on the timely exchange of information.

Secure and Compliant

Our HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 audited network is built to support large, tightly-regulated organizations with demanding security requirements,

Expert Support

Our US-based Premium Support team connects end-users with highly experienced analysts, frequently in less than 15 seconds.

Seriously – who can I brag to about your support?

You are all fantastic, thorough, quick to reply, and always help me resolve my issues.”

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Integrate Patient Information with your EHR

No matter which platform you use, or how much it has been customized, Concord will match and patient documents and data where you need it.

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