Inbound Fax Processing for Acute Care Hospitals

We make the receipt and flow of documents from your external providers easier than it has ever been. With Concord you can throw away the fax machine, automate your document workflows and transform patient documents into smart data.

It’s time to change how you triage inbound documents

You manage referrals, summary of care documents, physician orders and dozens of other types of documents. What do these documents have in common?

75% of hospitals receive summary of care documents via fax

Documents are received, printed and routed outside the EHR

For acute care hospitals focused on delivering fast and effective patient care, this is a serious problem. Document triage should not require teams to manually, sort, file, and move critical patient information on paper. More importantly, getting patient information into the clinical and administrative systems should not rely on staff manually entering all inbound patient data.


Automating Document Triage with Concord

Fast, Secure, Access to Inbound Faxes and Patient Data

Fax Machines Eliminated – Access Centralized

Fax machines create multiple entry points for inbound patient documents. The time spent getting documents from point-of-entry to where they are needed most can impact decisions on patient care.

Concord centralizes all your inbound faxes. Whether you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of fax numbers – faxes are routed directly to right team or department. This means Admissions teams gain rapid access to the information they need, and documents don’t get lost in the process. Your annual paper budget will drop too!

Rapid Access to Patient Information

Admissions teams need fast access to patient data. Conventional inbound fax images demand that those teams to review page-after-page of information to locate the information they need.

With Concord, teams no longer have to print and review faxed documents. Documents are accessed online, or within your clinical or administrative applications. Concord makes every document text-searchable so teams can pinpoint the information they need in seconds.

Identify and Distribute Documents More Quickly

Identifying documents is a vital yet time consuming manual process. Like any manual process, this type of document review frequently leads to documents being misclassified, and potentially sent to the wrong team.

Our Machine Learning technology automatically sorts incoming documents by type and routes them to the appropriate queues (e.g. new patient vs. existing patient or even referral vs physician order vs junk faxes.)

Convert Patient Documents into Patient Data

Integrating patient documents into your clinical or administrative applications often requires manual data entry. Faxes arrive with little or no metadata or labeling to help staff distinguish one fax from the next. 

Our machine learning technology finds and extracts those patient datapoints automatically. The data captured can be used to populate the applications you work with the most. Once captured, the data can be used to automatically pre-fill external fields, eliminating the need for manual data input.

Automated Fax Workflows

Better Data = Better Decisions

Team-Based Document Triage

You decide where inbound fax documents are routed to. Documents can be routed to multiple teams or just a single user. Users access shared “Document Queues” where documents can be reviewed, edited and updated in a collaborative environment. Every member of team can see where a document is in the process, who is working on it, and where it goes next. The document is tracked at every-step to ensure that team members from referral intake, medical review, insurance verification and admissions are all on the same page.

Document Triage Insight

Concord provides the tools to ensure teams stay on-track by giving managers a simple performance dashboard.  We provide key metrics to track document volume as well as user and team performance helping you to identify bottlenecks, process gaps, and insight into who is working on what.

Tools for Managing Your Inbound Documents

Integration: Fax directly to-and-from within your EHR.

Data Capture: Automatically identify patient information inside documents.

Routing: Documents are automatically directed into their proper workflow queue.

Search: Make any document received fully-searchable.

Streaming: Access inbound fax pages as they arrive; no waiting for the whole transmission.

Collaboration: Document access and tracking for your whole team, all in one place.

Centralization: Documents received via fax, email, scan, plus documents from folders and applications, all in one spot.

Automation: Create automated, rules-based workflows for any process.

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