A Better Referrals Process Can Lower Readmission Rates

Want Info on Improving Care Coordination?

Download our Infographic to learn more about how Concord is providing post-acute care facilities with affordable solutions to streamline referrals.

What’s Included in this Infographic?

Check out Concord’s industry insights on the relationship between hospitals and Post-Acute Care facilities (PACs), and why fostering better communication between them could change the referrals process forever.

Post Acute Care Continues to Grow

Learn more about the growing importance of Post-Acute Care, particularly as the Baby Boomer generation ages.


Hospital Readmissions Can be Avoided

Gain insight on the industry-wide issue of readmissions and why they’re avoidable.

Integrated Communications can Optimize Patient Care

Get info on how communication between hospitals and PACs can dramtically reduce readmissions and improve care.

Concord Technologies changes how care is coordinated

More effective communication between Acute and Post-Acute Care facilities can drastically reduce hospital readmission rates and greatly improve patient outcomes. Concord can start to improve your organization’s referrals process from day one.