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Add Fax capabilities to your Application


Concord makes it easy for ISV and application developers to broaden product capabilities by embedding secure fax.

We specialize in fax enabling line of business systems including CRM, ERP and a range of department and team applications. Our experience in fax integration has led to a rapidly growing list of independent software vendors using Concord’s secure network to transmit tens of millions of business-critical documents every month.

Integrate Quickly

Use Concord’s powerful API suite and sample code to dramatically simplify the integration task and allows you to quickly and easily embed fax capabilities within your application’s interface. Integrating with Concord means getting access to a powerful API set and a dedicated developer portal. You will also receive as much development support as you need to quickly and easily embed fax capabilities within your applications interface.

Get Dedicated Expert Developer Support

Concord’s Developer support goes far beyond troubleshooting and documentation. We offer high-touch support where developers can schedule free calls directly with our own core development team. These calls can be used to discuss specific projects, allowing developers to quickly overcome obstacles and leverage best practices from a team with many years of fax integration experience.

Multiple integration options for your applications.

Inbound APIs

Outbound APIs

Fax Assist

Folder Fax



Concord offers more than just embedding fax into your application.




Wholesale Program


Integrating with Concord also opens up an additional revenue opportunity for application developers who participate in the Concord Wholesale Program.

The Wholesale program allows Concord to bill the application developer at wholesale rates for total traffic across all their accounts.

By participating in the Concord Wholesale program, application developers are then able to implement their own pricing models and margins.




Referral Program


Concord also offer the Concord Referral Program for application developers who do not wish to manage their users’ fax traffic.

Users contract directly with Concord for all fax services and the application developer receives a bonus for the referral.