Finding a Microsoft Office 365 Fax Service just got a whole lot easier.

Simplify the process of finding a cloud fax platform that enables you to fax from Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365 with Concord’s Cloud Fax Reference Guide.

This reference guide is designed for organizations that are looking for a cloud fax platform that will integrate with Microsoft fax capabilities. Use this guide to your business’s cloud fax needs and evaluate potential service providers.

Created by the team responsible for some of the largest cloud fax implementations on the planet today, this 50+ page reference guide contains more than 230 platform and vendor requirements.

Topics Covered: Microsoft Fax Integration, Availability, Deliverability, Security, Application & System Integration, User Experience,  PCI DSS Compliance SSAE-16 SOC2 Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, Reducing Risk with HIPAA Business Associates, HIPAA Conduit Exception Provider Pitfalls, Network Infrastructure and more…

Cloud Fax Reference Guide Sample Pages

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Finding a Microsoft Fax Integrated Service Starts with Assessing Your Requirements

When you’re searching for a cloud fax provider that can easily integrate with Microsoft Office and Office 365, the best way to begin is by compiling a list of fax platform requirements. Depending on your organization’s fax transmissions, your cloud fax service needs might vary greatly. For example, If your business is concerned with meeting strict security, PCI or HIPAA compliance standards, then the online fax provider you choose will also need to meet those standards. Before you begin seriously scoping fax providers that will integrate with Microsoft Office, assess your organization’s needs:When you’ve determined the specific fax requirements your business, it will be easier to determine which cloud fax providers are viable options, and which aren’t. In order to help you more fully realize, organize and prioritize your business’s needs, our team at Concord has developed the Cloud Fax Reference Guide to serve as your manual for finding the right online fax provider. With over 50 pages of easy-to-navigate info and guidelines, your business will be able to simply use the Reference Guide to craft your own RFPs, RFIs and project documentation. Finding the right online fax service can be daunting, especially if your organization has extensive requirements or integration needs. Searching is made simple with the Concord Cloud Fax Reference Guide.