Concord Cloud for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Facilities

Our mission is to relieve healthcare organizations of the time-consuming, document-based roadblocks that stand in the way of interoperability.

We make it faster and simpler for post-acute and long-term care providers to exchange patient health information with their acute-care partners. Concord is your secure platform to exchange, manage and collaborate on patient documents.

Better Patient Care Coordination Starts Here

Eliminate Manual Busywork

Documents Automatically Arrive Where They’re Needed

No need to print, scan or save: Inbound documents can be automatically imported into your EHR or a different internal system. Or, open and interact with them in Concord’s NEXTSTEP interface, which is user-friendly for any team or individual.

Route Documents to the Right Team

Automated document classification eliminates the need for team members to sort through and identify document types, such as a patient referral or a medical record. Instead, documents are automatically classified and routed directly to the team or team member who will work on them.


Eliminate Time-Consuming Data Entry

Relevant data fields can be automatically identified and have their contents extracted. Contents can then be used to automatically prefill external fields, eliminating the need for manual data input. Pre-determine the types of fields needed by your organization, and the data will be extracted from those fields immediately.


Foster Effective Collaboration

Better Insight for Team Managers

 Document statuses and robust reporting make it easy for team leads to track various processes at once and maintain a view of day-to-day document-based activities. Identify bottlenecks or process gaps, and always have insight into who is working on what.

Built-in Visibility for the Whole Team

Customized document queues can be created according to document type, or according to the team that will handle them. Digitized document triage, tracking, and queues ensure that team members from referral intake, medical review, insurance verification and admissions are all on the same page.

Clear Communication with Referrers

Inbound fax notifications enable users to manage referrals from a web interface as soon as they arrive. Outbound faxes can also be sent from the same screen, so referrals can be processed and responded to seamlessly in a secure, HIPAA compliant manner.

Designed for Care Providers of All Sizes

Hospice Care

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Home Health

Home Health

Skilled Nursing

Senior Care

Long Term Acute Care

Tools for Effective Patient Document Exchange

Integration: Fax directly to-and-from within your EHR.

Data Capture: Automatically identify patient information inside documents.

Routing: Documents are automatically directed into their proper workflow queue.

Search: Make any document received fully-searchable.

Streaming: Access inbound fax pages as they arrive; no waiting for the whole transmission.

Collaboration: Document access and tracking for your whole team, all in one place.

Centralization: Documents received via fax, email, scan, plus documents from folders and applications, all in one spot.

Automation: Create automated, rules-based workflows for any process.

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