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Concord Cloud Fax: For Regulated Industries.

Secure Fax for Large Organizations

Faxing Payment Card Info is simple and secure with Concord

Concord Cloud Fax is one the industry’s most reliable solutions for businesses in need of a secure way to send and receive card payment data. The Concord cloud network is optimized for high volume page traffic, making us the ideal online fax service for businesses managing time-critical credit card information.

Security-conscious organizations like Western Union and Farmers Insurance rely on Concord Cloud Fax every day to send and receive mission-critical documents.

Security and Compliance at a Glance

Network Security

  • Encryption (in-transit & at-rest)
  • SSL/TLS encryption for web traffic
  • TLS for email
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Active intrusion protection

Physical Security

  • Private datacenter suites in secured and guarded buildings
  • Highly restricted, controlled badge access for all datacenters
  • Closed Circuit Video security and monitoring

Logical Security

  • SQL database encryption
  • Application and code change detection
  • Logging and Log Reviews
  • Strict Password controls
  • Latest patches and anti-virus

Concord Cloud Fax and Compliance

Unbeatable Security

Large organizations that send time-sensitive faxes find peace of mind with Concord Cloud Fax: Our communications are 100% encrypted over TLS or via Secure HTTP. Additionally, users can set their image retention policies to immediately remove sent images, storing nothing and simplifying security requirements.


Concord has taken the extra step in security by successfully undergoing the SSAE 16 SOC 2 audit. In doing so, we’ve ensured that each element of our physical and technical infrastructure, as well as our operations, are all fully optimized to protect customer security. With Concord Cloud Fax, all the information you send is handled with the highest level of privacy and security available.

HIPAA Compliant Fax

Concord is also a HIPAA compliant fax solution, making us a first choice for cloud fax among large healthcare organizations. Faxing Patient Health Information is a serious task, and reliability and security are paramount for our healthcare users. Because our network was built with security in mind, Concord often exceeds HIPAA requirements.

Beyond Compliance

Concord Cloud Fax works for businesses

Over 140,000 users prefer Concord’s secure online fax solution because of our dedication to compliance, but also because our Cloud Fax is more than just compliant: It’s built to make the day-to-day tasks of even the most massive enterprise and healthcare organizations more simple, more secure and more seamless through and through.

More and More Businesses Choose Concord Cloud Fax

Concord Cloud Fax has 140,000 users, and that number continues to grow. Our method of transmitting faxes in a hyper-secure way has made us a leader in the cloud fax industry, but what sets us apart goes beyond compliance. For enterprises, finding an online fax service that’s fast to implement and simple to use is imperative in order to avoid lapses in productivity. With Concord Cloud Fax, the ease of use and implementation makes it so that even the largest organizations are able to smoothly adopt our technology and integrate it with day-to-day processes.

“Our switch to using Concord Fax Online was a very positive change in our business. We send and receive many company reports and PCI-compliant documents. Concord has now made faxing very easy for our employees.”

Johnny Rivera
Telecom Manager, Western Union

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Whether your organization is still reliant upon fax machines or you’re not satisfied with your current online fax provider, making the switch to Concord Cloud Fax will simplify the way you send and receive  faxes. If your business is operating in a highly regulated industry, you can’t afford to cut corners or make compromises when it comes to staying compliant; and at Concord, we don’t think you should have to. Concord Cloud Fax ensures that you’ll never have to worry about security, reliability or delivery when it comes to sending faxes online. If your current internet fax provider doesn’t have this same standard, it’s time to switch. You can get started by creating a custom fax quote for your business: It takes less than five minutes and you’ll receive your quote via email right away.

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Create a custom fax quote for your business: It takes less than five minutes and you’ll receive your quote via email right away.