Cloud Workflow Solution: Release of Information

Providers are fielding an increasing number of Release of Information (ROI) requests from patients, insurance companies and other providers. Servicing these requests without breaching Protected Health Information (PHI) now requires more than a cursory review of the patient information being released.
Cloud Workflow streamlines the ROI effort by breaking down the process into simple steps which can be managed online. Healthcare providers ranging from health systems to smaller practices can greatly benefit from a service which is secure, HIPAA compliant and very simple to use.

Prevent PHI breaches by managing Release of Information requests securely online.

Digitally sign and send documents.

Track every request at each stage in the process.

Archive documents using encrypted HIPAA compliant online storage.

Access Release of Information Requests Online

All new Release of Information requests are displayed in your New Requests folder. Cloud Workflow lets you tag, sort and filter requests, making it simple to prioritize the work.

The search feature lets you pull up requests based on name, tag  or any other metadata you have captured.

Review and Mark-up Requests

Release of Information requests often contain errors. Protecting protected health information means identifying and resolving these errors early in the process.

Cloud Workflow’s document viewer allows staff to review documents and easily mark-up areas of the document which need resolution or further review.

Cloud Workflow Mark-up Tools


Add text directly to the incoming document. Once your annotation is saved, the text becomes a permanent part of the document.


Customizable text watermarks can be applied to individual pages, a range of pages, or every page in the document.


Highlighting is useful to outline sections of documents which need additional review.
Routing Submission Requests

Click to Route

Each step in the process is represented by a folder. When a step in complete, the user simply selects the next folder in the process. Unlike fixed workflows, Cloud Workflow enables users to choose where the document is routed to next. This approach provides additional flexibility for dealing with problematic requests.

Detailed Timeline

Cloud Workflow tracks each document interaction, creating a detailed time line for each release of information request. Viewing the timeline shows which steps the request has passed through and which tasks have been completed.

  • Who accessed the document
  • What was done to/with the document
  • When the action occurred.

This time-stamped audit trail provides complete process transparency.  The time line also enables organizations to quickly identify problems within the process along with employees who might benefit from additional training in servicing requests.

Digital Signatures

Cloud Workflow’s Digital Signatures eliminates the need to create hard copies of protected health information for the sole purpose of signing.

Users sign documents using their Cloud Workflow account credentials and each signature is time-stamped so organizations can effectively track release of information authorizations.

Once signed, documents may also be locked, preventing unauthorized changes from occurring.

Cloud Workflow’s Digital Signatures is a simple yet highly secure solution for permanently tracking document authorizations.

digitally sign documents with Cloud Workflow

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