Routing and organizing documents in Cloud Workflow is easy.

Getting document processes running the way they should takes organization.  Cloud Workflow’s folder-based approach means process steps can be created, edited, reordered or removed in a just a few clicks.

In addition to creating folders for process steps, individual users can be given the ability to organize their own work within a particular step, or steps.

Shared Folders for team access

Kickstart workflows by giving teams access to shared, real-time document queues.

Personal Folder customization for every user

Let users create and manage their own folders inside a workflow without losing any document visibility.

Complete Control and Oversight

Use Cloud Workflow’s Move and Forward capabilities to tightly control document rights and access without sacrificing process flexibility.

A Simple Workflow Problem: Expense Reimbursement

In order to be reimbursed, each member of the Sales team has to submit an expense report to the Accounting team.

Before the organization moved to Cloud Workflow, the expense reimbursement process was frustrating for everyone involved:


The sales reps rarely knew when they would be reimbursed.

The accounting teams burned too many hours moving and chasing reports.

The management team had no view into how the operation was working (or not).

A Simple Workflow Solution: Concord Cloud Fax

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Cloud Workflow solves this simple workflow problem by enabling teams to quickly and efficiently route work through the process while permitting individuals to organize their own work the way they need to.

This way, expenses are reimbursed more quickly and both the sales reps and management team have the appropriate level of visibility into the process.

How Organizing and Routing Works

This is John

John works on the Accounting team. His job is to review the expense reports submitted by the sales team.

This is the Sales Team

Members of the Sales team kick-off the process when they submit expense reports. Expense reports are submitted by scanning, faxing or, uploading the documents to a shared folder.

Accessing Work Queues

John checks the “New Expense Reports” folder to see the list of newly submitted reports.

Organizing Work

John has the option to review the expense reports directly from the “New Expense Reports” folder or move them to his own personal folders. By moving the reports to his personal folder, John can create and use his own task queues.

This process is similar to moving emails from your inbox to a specific folder. 

Personal Folders

John has four personal folders set up for reviewing expense reports:

  • New Work
  • In Progress
  • Issue
  • Complete

These folders allow John to efficiently organize his work. This is critical for John when report volumes spike at the end of the month, quarter and year.

Total Visibility

John’s use of Personal Folders does not prevent the Accounting team from tracking his work. Every action John takes is captured and recorded in the report’s time line. Users can also directly access John’s folders, ensuring the process continues even if john is out sick.

Moving Through The Process

When John has finished reviewing an expense report, he moves the document to either the Approve or Deny folder.


Meet Nancy

Nancy handles expense reports once they reach the Approve or Deny stage. If the report is approved, she digitally signs the document, authorizing payment.

If the report is denied, she notifies the sales rep who may then need to resubmit.


Workflow to Workflow

Once Nancy has signed-off on an expense report she forwards it to the Payroll team for processing. The Payroll team has their own workflow.


Document Security

Nancy is not part of the Payroll team. Nancy can forward documents for the Payroll team to process but cannot access any documents in that workflow.

Forwarding enables Nancy to transition documents into workflows outside of her area of responsibility.  This model provides a great deal of flexibility in the business while protecting sensitive, confidential or classified information.


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