The Dual Layer Active-Active Network

Fast. Secure. Always Online. 

Unlimited Enterprise-Class Capacity

Concord has invested significantly over the past 10 years to build the most modern cloud fax network in the industry with virtually unlimited capacity.

Highest Uptime

Concord’s advanced, compliant cloud fax network design features a dual-datacenter, fully active-active architecture. All components are redundant at least twice over in each datacenter and process fax traffic live. Concord has consistently exceeded its 99.9% uptime guarantee every month for more than the last 3 years.

Multi-Location Redundancy

Geographically dispersed Datacenters ensure your online fax service continues even if an entire datacenter is taken offline or goes down completely.

Transparent Server Maintenance

The vast majority of Concord cloud fax infrastructure upgrades and maintenance works is executed without requiring scheduled downtime.

Never Busy

Concord’s secure online fax network guarantees it will never deliver busy signals. We constantly monitor traffic trends, and design each data center to be independently scaled to exceed the overall absolute peak demand – even for your highest monthly or cyclical traffic spikes.


Concord Fax Online takes advantage of our patented SureConnect technology to optimize traffic routing patterns, ensuring that your fax pages are delivered reliably every time. Concord boasts the highest fax page completion rate in the online fax service industry.

Download The Fax Network Architecture White Paper