Concord Cloud Fax User Guides and White Papers

Concord Administrator Guide

Product Overview | Concord Web Portal | Dashboard | Account Settings | Administrator Settings | Faxlync

Concord User Guide

Introduction to Concord Fax | Sending Faxes | Receiving Faxes | Web Portal | Quick Reference | Error Codes

Concord Fax Pro User Guide

Introduction to Concord Fax | Set up | Sending Faxes | Receiving Faxes

Deployment Guide

Receiving Faxes | Sending Faxes | MFP Faxing | Automated Faxing | Archiving

The Economical Alternative to Fax Servers

Introduction | Cost Savings | Usability | Migration | Architecture | Scalability |  Security | Compliance

Concord Cloud Fax Compliance Guide

Compliance Standards| Physical Security| Network Security | Logical & Application Security

Developers: Getting Started Guide

Developer Portal | Interface Types | Sending | Status | Receiving | Account Management

Print2Fax User Guide

Introduction | Installation | Configuration | Transport Options | Address Book | Options | Using Print2Fax | Getting Help

Concord Cover Page Guide

Settings | On-Demand Cover Pages | Selecting Cover Pages | Microsoft Word Fax | Best Practices | Adding / Deleting Cover Pages

Folder Fax User Guide

Installation / Upgrade | Using Folder Fax | Managing Folder Fax | Configuration Testing

Concord Fax Online Error Code Guide

Common Messages | Enhanced Descriptions

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Fax: All Your Questions Answered

Have questions about HIPAA compliant faxing? Wondering how to change and customize your online fax cover pages? Want info on our online fax APIs? All of your questions and more are answered here. Concord is proud to be one of the leading secure, PCI and HIPAA compliant cloud fax services in the industry, and we make it simple for users to navigate and feel comfortable with every part of our online fax solution. Download any of our white papers or user guides here, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the information you receive.