There’s a better way to work with your faxes and scanned documents.


There’s a better way to work with your faxes and scanned documents.

If you are shuffling faxes and scanned documents from person-to-person or team-to-team, this 4 minute video is for you.

Concord Cloud Workflow makes processing and working with documents quick, simple and secure.

Securely share, route and sign documents

Organize, retain and archive everything

Built for Teams and Departments

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Cloud Workflow Highlights

Automatically route inbound documents to the right teams

Track documents at every stage of the process

Digitally sign electronic documents

Rapidly identify problem and priority items

Protect confidential and sensitive information

Seamlessly support scanned, faxed, emailed documents

Cloud Workflow: A powerful suite of online document tools


Digitally sign and time-stamp documents using your username and password.


Digitally complete form documents without printing them.


Forward documents to other users for their attention.


Move documents to shared queues or your own folders.


Call-out areas of a document for others to review.

Redact and Erase

Black-out confidential and sensitive information.

Scan and Import

Bring documents in via Fax, Scanner, Drop Folder or MFP Device.


Send documents to external recipients via fax and email.


Track every document interaction.


Store documents in a secure, long term storage system.


Categorize  documents using your own classification scheme.


Concord Cloud Workflow can transform your document processes