Automated Document Capture

Concord Cloud Capture

Capturing text from scanned images, PDFs and faxes has never been so easy.

Drop Concord Cloud Capture into your business processes and only pay for what you capture.

No hardware, software, implementation or support costs.

Find Your Document Capture Platform


Concord offers three cloud-based document capture services. Each capture service is designed to solve a specific set of business problems. These services can be used individually or combined to deliver a comprehensive suite of capture and conversion capabilities.

Full Page Capture

Full Page OCR and Document Conversion

Use Concord Full Page Capture to automate the extraction of text from TIF, JPEG and PDF images. Full Page Capture extracts all page text and converts images into searchable PDF, plain text or XML files.

Advanced Capture

Intelligent Field-Based Data Extraction

Advanced Capture searches for specific values on a page to capture (e.g. patient ID) and stores each value separately. Advanced Capture is ideal for integrating documents into business applications, document management systems and ECM platforms. Certified online fax solution for high volume document delivery.

Capture for Developers

Web Services for Document Capture

Harness Concord’s Secure Cloud Capture network to swiftly extract text and data from documents. Free access to the Developer Portal. Free developer support!

Why Concord Technologies? 

Secure & Compliant

Concord meets, and in many cases exceeds compliance standards for HIPAA, PCI and other regulations. Talk to us about our HIPAA BAA or SOC-2 SSAE audit.

Enterprise Class Network

Concord’s high availability, dual datacenter, 4x redundant active-active network means your faxes continue to be delivered in the event of a carrier or infrastructure issue.

Expert Support

Concord’s live, US-based Premium Support connects end-users with highly experienced analysts quickly. Developers and integrators can also contact Concord Developer Support at no cost.