Concord Fax OCR


Concord Fax OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is for fax service users who need direct access to the text in the faxes they receive.

Fax OCR extracts text from inbound faxes and then delivers the document as a fully searchable PDF, Plain Text file or XML file.

What is Concord Fax OCR?

Concord Fax OCR means never losing another fax again.

Fax OCR transforms traditional fax images into fully searchable PDF documents, making faxes as easy to find and manage as any other text document.

Unlike traditional fax image formats like TIF and JPEG, Fax OCR searchable PDF documents also allow you to copy text from the document to use in other applications.

The benefits of Fax OCR’s searchable PDFs go far beyond simply making it easy for individual users to find fax documents.

With Fax OCR’s searchable PDFs you can search for the terms you are looking inside a single document or across a collection of documents.

Once converted, your searchable PDF faxes can be indexed by your computer, meaning they will show up in searches you perform on your desktop, in your email client or using any application which full text indexes documents.

Concord Fax OCR Features

Full Page OCR

Full page OCR captures all recognizable text on inbound faxes. Faxes can now be searched for like any other text document.

Fax to Searchable PDF

Searchable PDF means searchable faxes. Search for faxes stored on your desktop or in your email, shared folders, file sharing service or anywhere else you manage your business documents.

Barcode Recognition

Fax OCR captures 1D and 2D barcodes. Fax OCR will also recognize barcodes which are placed vertically on documents.

Fax to Plain Text

Use our plain text output to store just the text. Use plain text for integrating unstructured fax content with 3rd party tools and applications.

Fax to XML

Fax OCR’s XML output is the best choice for integrating structured fax content with other tools and applications.

Image Preprocessing

Not every fax arrives as a perfect document. Fax OCR’s image preprocessing automatically de-skews and de-speckles faxes as well as drops colors, headers and footers.

Document Submission

In addition to processing inbound faxes, you can also use Fax OCR to process documents arriving via email, file drop, SMTP and web services.

Document Delivery

Fax OCR offers document delivery via email, file drop, FTP, SMTP and web services.