How Cloud Capture Works

The problem with document images

When a document is scanned, faxed or photographed it is stored as an image file such as TIF, JPEG or PDF image. The problem is that as an image file, the text is no longer accessible by most I.T. applications.

This is why business process involving scanned or faxed images frequently take longer to complete and susceptible to errors.

Cloud Capture Basics


Cloud Capture solves image-based document problem by automatically converting those images to text documents. The converted documents can then be delivered in a variety of ways, depending on the application

By automating this process, Cloud Capture enables image-based documents like scanned images and faxes to move through workflows and business processes as efficiently as native text documents.

No human intervention required.

Submitting Documents

Convert .TIF .PDF .JPEG and .PNG Files


Set up an email inbox and Cloud Capture will scan inbound messages for images to process. You can create inboxes for individual recipients, groups or business processes. Once the images have been converted to searchable PDF, plain text or XML, they are delivered to the destinations you set up in Cloud Capture (keep reading for more information on destinations).

File Drop 

Folders can be easily  linked to Cloud Capture. Once linked, any images placed in the folder will be sent to the Cloud Capture service for processing. Once processing is finished, the converted document is delivered to the destination you set up.

Web Services 

Cloud Capture offers developers a flexible set of web services for submitting images to the service. Cloud Capture’s web services are available to anyone seeking to integrate document capture and conversion into other applications or business processes.

Capturing Text and Data

Full Page Capture 

Full Page Capture finds, captures and converts all the text on the page. This method is ideal for capturing letters, printed emails, notes and any documents which where the text text is not constrained by a box (such as forms).

Barcode Recognition 

Cloud Capture’s barcode recognition system allows you to capture 1D and 2D barcodes.

Index Field Capture

Index Fields is used for capturing specific text on known document types. A template is created for each document type. This template tells Cloud Capture where to find the target values. Should Cloud Capture come across a document it does not possess a template for, it will simply revert to Full Page capture and extract all the text on the document.

Advanced Data Extraction

Advanced Data Extraction greatly expands on Index Fields by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques within the capture process. NLP is capable of identifying the data you want to extract by finding patterns and word relationships in documents. This method enables target data points to be found regardless of where they appear in a document.

Document Outputs

Searchable PDF 

Searchable PDF combines the submitted image and the captured text, creating a fully searchable document which looks identical to the original. This format is ideal for preserving the original appearance of documents while making them searchable and more importantly, accessible to full text indexing services. Searchable PDF also enables users select and copy text directly from the document.

Plain Text

Cloud Capture’s Plain Text output provides a small, lightweight text file, free from formatting and layout data. This is often the preferred format for moving unstructured content from one application to another.


Cloud Capture’s XML output simplifies the process of moving highly structured content from system to system. Concord provides XML output with a schema customized for your target application.

Document Delivery

Email / SMTP

Deliver converted documents to any email address.

File Drop 

Converted documents can be stored in any folder synchronized with Cloud Capture.


Web Services 

Web Services offer the most flexible approach to integrating converted documents and extracted data into your own applications.


Ideal for moving finished documents and data to web destinations.


FTP individual or batches of finished documents.