How Cloud Fax Works

Sending Faxes

Email to Fax

Once your account is activated, simply attach your documents to an email message and send it to

When using our faxing service we generate cover pages on demand and can even include the body of your email message as a note on the cover page. Cover pages can be fully customized for your organization and controlled at a user, department or company level.

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Print to Fax

Concord provides a Print2fax driver which allows one-click faxing from any application which supports a print function.

Concord Print2Fax installs as a software application and appears like any printer, so customers can fax directly from any application to any fax number worldwide as easily as printing.

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File Drop

You can send faxes using Concord’s FolderFax to simply drop fax documents into a network folder. Documents placed in the folder, are transferred to Concord’s cloud platform securely, where they are immediately sent to the recipient. FolderFax supports multiple folders, each having their own default behaviors.

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Email-to-Fax Video


Print-to-Fax Video

Microsoft Office

Sending and receiving faxes with Microsoft Office has never been easier. Whether you are using Microsoft Office installed directly on your computer or accessing Office 365 through a browser, Concord’s cloud fax service is secure and simple-to-use.

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Fax directly from your MFP (multi function print) device without the need for additional software or expensive connectors.

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Delivery Confirmation

Concord notifies you via email as soon as your fax has been successfully delivered. You can also track all your outgoing and incoming faxes using the Concord Portal.

Receiving Faxes


Enterprise fax users receive their faxes within seconds as an attachment (TIF, PDF or XPS) to an email message. Received faxes can be sent to multiple users or distribution lists, and individual users can even receive faxes sent to multiple fax numbers. Incoming fax messages contain detailed information; number of pages, time, sender, etc. All your faxes are stored in your email and can be sorted into folders and backed up along with your regular email messages. Other fax services include faxes automatically being printed or delivered to network folders. Other inbound fax delivery options include faxes automatically made available via the Concord API’s


Fax-to-Email Video

Automated Inbound

Concord FaxAssist is a Windows utility (runs as windows service), which automates simple integration tasks for inbound faxes. Whether it’s printing faxes to a network printer or delivering documents to a network folder, FaxAssist makes it a simple job of configuration.

FaxAssist is commonly used to enable received faxes to initiate internal workflows, trigger optical character recognition processes (OCR), or integrate faxes into in-house document management systems.


Convert inbound fax images to fully searchable PDF or text files using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. OCR is the process of recognizing text in an image and then extracting that text. Fax OCR automates the entire conversion process and can be set up without disrupting your existing users. For more advanced capture of structured data, please our Cloud Capture page.

Archiving Faxes

Configure a destination inside your own network to store a copy of all sent and received faxes (for all or for groups of users) for as long as you might need them. Whether you prefer to have your faxes delivered to your own document management or email archiving solution, we give you everything you need to support your audit and compliance requirements for as long as necessary.

Concord Web Portal

User Access

Access Concord’s user dashboard to view your own fax usage, access reports and gain detailed information about every fax you have sent or received. You can also view the status of outgoing and incoming faxes in near-realtime.

Using Concord’s portal, you can also update your user profile and preferences as well as resending failed faxes.  The features available to you in the Concord Portal will be based on the rights assigned to you by your administrator.


Concord Web Portal

Admin and Reporting

The Concord Web Portal also provides a complete self-service interface for common administration functions including:

  • Manage user accounts and multi-tiered departments
  • Multiple tiers of security and departmental administration
  • Assign new phone numbers and manage number inventory
  • Customize cover pages and rules by user or department
  • Manage customized user or departmental rebilling (internal cost assignment)
  • Extensive usage reporting and detailed billing data

Build Your Cloud Fax Estimate

Create your own Concord Cloud Fax plan and get detailed costs based on your page volume, users and inbound numbers.