Cloud Fax for Healthcare

For Payers, Providers & Application Integrators

Secure Cloud Fax

Concord Cloud Fax delivers HIPAA compliant, secure online fax solutions for healthcare providers & payers across North America. Learn more about how you can utilize cloud faxing inside your EHR/EMR as well as on your laptop, desktop & mobile devices.

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Integrated Cloud Fax

Concord has collaborated with 30+ healthcare application vendors to embed cloud fax into their software. Learn more about our Developer Tools, API, Portal and dedicated integration support.

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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Fax

Concord’s network is built to enable healthcare providers and organizations to universally exchange documents via online fax securely. See how we protect Patient Health Information and other confidential data through our 100% HIPAA compliant fax solution.

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A simpler path to interoperability

Learn how Concord is changing how acute and long-term care providers exchange patient health information

NEXTSTEP: Advanced Fax Automation – so much more than fax delivery

Integrate data within faxes with the processes and applications that run your business. 

  • Online access to faxes and other documents
  • Intelligent document classification and data extraction
  • Automated fax routing and processing
  • Document collaboration tools for teams
  • Monitoring and reporting tools

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Concord Fax is saving us 60% over our previous process, and from an IT perspective, it’s really easy to support.

Lorraine Spencer
IT Manager, John Hopkins University School of Medicine

HIPAA Compliant Online Fax 

Securing the delivery of millions of documents

Concord’s experience in healthcare fax has earned us the trust of organizations like Johns Hopkins Medicine, who use Concord’s cloud fax network to securely exchange tens of millions of protected medical documents every month. Payers and providers need a network that enables them to securely transmit confidential documents, no matter the volume or size. This is what Concord was built for. Whether you are a healthcare provider needing a HIPAA compliant fax service, a pharmaceutical company searching for a secure and time stamped method of ordering, or a Health Records company requiring a reliable fax integration, Concord is the network for you.

Your Healthcare Application

Concord integrates with more than 30 EMR/EHR platforms and that number is growing…

Solutions & Partnerships in Healthcare

Why Do Healthcare Organizations Choose Concord Cloud Fax?

When it comes to finding the right HIPAA compliant fax service for your healthcare organization, you’ll quickly discover that not all online fax solutions are made equal.

If you find a HIPAA compliant fax service that is difficult to implement or confusing to use, it will be useless to your organization. On the other hand, an online fax service that’s simple to use but not 100% HIPAA compliant will never work for a healthcare organization. Many businesses choose Concord Cloud Fax because it’s a secure, PCI, HIPAA compliant online fax service, but also because of our ease of implementation and outstanding deliverability. When it comes to healthcare faxing, HIPAA compliance is vital, but healthcare organizations also have other fax priorities: Reliability, deliverability, up-time and ease of use are all crucial as well. Healthcare organizations that send and receive a high volume of secure documents each day rely on Concord Cloud Fax because our service is HIPAA compliant, but also because we boast industry-leading deliverability and up-time, so critical documents always reach their destinations, quickly and securely.

Build Your Cloud Fax Estimate

Create your own Concord Cloud Fax plan and get detailed costs based on your page volume, users and inbound numbers.