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HIPAA Compliant Email to Fax Service: Concord Cloud Fax

Send secure faxes straight from your email inbox with Concord Fax

Concord Fax combines the ease of sending an email with the inherent security of a fax transmission. With Concord Cloud Fax, you’re also able to receive and view faxes from anywhere, on any device, as soon as they arrive. PCI and HIPAA secure fax on-the-go: Concord is your solution for online faxing made simple.

Send Secure Faxes From Your Email Account

Say good-bye to the fax machine and hello to PCI and HIPAA compliant fax sent from any device. How secure email to fax works:


Enter the fax recipient information


Attach your document like any email attachment.


Add your message by simply typing it into the body of your email.


Your email and attachements are securely transmitted. 

Once you click send, your email and the documents attached are securely transmitted to the Concord Cloud Fax network, where we convert your email into a fax.

The fax is then transmitted through our fully secure, HIPPA compliant fax servers.

Secure, authenticated web access for fax documents

Secure Fax Access with NEXTSTEP provides an additional layer of security for accessing inbound faxes. Unlike email-to-fax, Secure Fax Access with NEXTSTEP sends a link to the fax rather than an attachment. Users simply click on the link, login to NEXTSTEP and view the fax through NEXTSTEP’s secure cloud interface.

Secure Fax Access is just one of the NEXTSTEP’s capabilities. With NEXTSTEP, you can Integrate data within your faxes with the processes and applications that run your business.

NEXTSTEP: Advanced Fax Automation – so much more than fax delivery

Integrate data within faxes with the processes and applications that run your business. 

  • Online access to faxes and other documents
  • Intelligent document classification and data extraction
  • Automated fax routing and processing
  • Document collaboration tools for teams
  • Monitoring and reporting tools

Learn more about advanced fax automation >

Concord Fax Online eliminated the costs associated with an in-house solution and they were also able to make a specialized adjustment that catered to our business needs. Their system was easy to deploy and it was up and running instantly.

Glenys Botelho Analyst, Princess House

Receive Faxes Securely with Your Email Account

With your Concord Cloud Fax account, you can easily receive and view faxes in your email inbox. When someone sends a fax to your Concord fax number, you’ll receive an email with the faxed document attached. How receiving a secure fax via email works:

Create rules for incoming documents

Set up rules to store, route, forward or execute other processing options. Concord provides many ways to automate how inbound faxes are managed – without you having to touch them.

Edit documents using a PDF compatible editor

Modify incoming documents and send them on to other recipients or destinations.

Access anywhere using any device with email

Read documents on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. There are no programs or apps to install.

Send to folders, printers and applications

Use FaxAssist to send inbound faxes to network folders, to your document management system, or directly to your printer. .

Concord Cloud Fax: Simplifying the Way You do HIPAA Compliant Faxing

We help you transform the way your business sends and receives faxes.

Whether you’re an enterprise concerned with faxing in high volumes or a health care organization concerned with maintaining HIPAA compliance, Concord is your solution. With our commitment to ease of use, over 140,000 users rely on us for user-friendly online fax services. And with our investment in network security, some of the most security-conscious organizations in the world, like Johns Hopkins and Western Unions, choose Concord Cloud Fax. See for yourself how security and simplicity come together in Concord Cloud Fax: Start using our HIPAA compliant fax to email solution today.

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