NEXTSTEP: Fax and Document Automation

NEXTSTEP: OCR, Capture and Process Automation for Fax Documents

The constant flow of faxes into your organization creates a never-ending stream of manual document processing. Faxes need to be ingested, sorted, labelled, assigned and ultimately worked on by the right team members. Like Concord Cloud Fax, NEXTSTEP is a simple-to-implement, cloud-based document capture and process automation platform for managing business-critical faxes and other documents.



Automated, cloud-based document capture

Faxes received by your organization are automatically sorted and classified by NEXTSTEP. NEXTSTEP uses artificial intelligence to automatically locate and extract the information that matters to you (e.g. the patient name, DOB and MRN) and it automates tasks like searchable PDF creation, barcode recognition and signature detectionDocument ingestion from fax + email, scanners, folders and applications.

  • Automated fax image to searchable PDF creation
  • Automated fax and document classification and routing
  • Automated intelligent field extraction for unstructured documents
  • Automated barcode recognition and signature detection

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Faxes that go through multi-step, multi-person processes can be handled efficiently with NEXTSTEP. NEXTSTEP’s secure, cloud-based document viewing and editing tools enable teams to work together to complete document processes faster and more efficiently. And with detailed tracking and reporting it becomes simple to manage your document-intensive processes.

  • Secure, web-based access to faxes, documents and workflows
  • Shared process and collaboration queues
  • Suite of fax and document viewing and editing tools
  • Detailed document, user and process tracking and reporting

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Rules-driven document process automation

Processing faxes usually involves a mix of complex work and more low-value tasks. NEXTSTEP takes on the low-value tasks, with highly-flexible, rules-based process automation. Automation can be set to occur at any point in a process, triggering actions based on a single condition or more complex set of rules. NEXTSTEP automates your repetitive document tasks, and provides a rich set of tools to help your teams to focus on more complex, higher-value activities.

  • Adaptable, rules-based process automation
  • Status, document and user-driven trigger events
  • Sophisticated rule definition capabilities
  • Individual and grouped action execution
  • Detailed process monitoring and reporting

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Document integration and delivery

NEXTSTEP simplifies integrating faxes into core applications and delivering documents and metadata to external destinations including cloud file storage, line-of-business systems and electronic health records management platforms. A rich suite of API’s makes it easy to fully embed the capabilities of NEXTSTEP into your own applications.  

  • Optimized for EHR and Line-of-Business applications
  • Enterprise Content Management Platform Support
  • Rules-based document delivery and export automation
  • NEXTSTEP API for custom integration and delivery development 

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