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Cloud Fax eliminates the need to manage on-premise servers or struggle with costly support and time-consuming updates, so it’s no wonder that Cloud Fax is pushing traditional fax methods into obscurity. Ready to say goodbye to the headache of supporting on-premise fax servers? Concord Cloud Fax can help.

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Fax from the Cloud

No more managing your own servers or telephony, and no more  over-the-top support costs.


Fax Securely

Concord Cloud protects your data by  encrypting your data from the instant we receive it.

Fax in Complianxce

Our Cloud Fax platform is SOC 2 compliant and exceeds HIPAA requirements.

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No more fax servers. No more telephony. No more support struggles. If you’re interested in why Concord Cloud Fax has a 99% year-over-year customer retention rate, email us at sales@concord.net to learn more today.